Awareness That Heals

A transformative work that will help you respond, in a highly effective manner, to life’s challenges—especially when you are most prone to be critical or to withdraw.

Awareness That Heals is an expression of the tools that Robert has developed over a lifetime of inspired self-exploration. The unique approach he has developed, and is offered in this book, is based on the successful outcomes that many thousands of his clients and colleagues have experienced for themselves.

The following techniques in Awareness That Heals will help you:
• Perceive your tone of voice and understand how it may create harm.
• Learn how to move toward healing with your tone, so that your practice leads to a sense of well-being.
• Access your own wise inner guidance—especially in times of greatest need.
• Use tools to discover where you usually & unwittingly abandon or criticize yourself.
• Learn practices for self-caring that defeat feelings of self-rejection and its associated fear and pain.
• Discover how to contain your anger without suppressing it, and learn how to focus on going for what you passionately need rather than being angry at what you are against.

Praise for "Awareness That Heals"

Amanda Joy Ravenhill
Executive Director, Buckminster Fuller Institute

In Awareness That Heals and The Guided Meditations, Robert weaves  his experience in Spirituality and Psychotherapy to create an integrated tapestry of healing for spirit and mind. Buckminster Fuller said, “I seem to be a verb,” and Robert gives readers and listeners the instructions for how to “verb” with integrity and in the right relationship to the larger whole. Robert has poured decades of experience and timeless love into this work that will enable you to boldly face the present moment. As we face a future of Utopia or Oblivion, it is vital that we heal our connections with ourselves, each other and the living planet we are part of. This book, meditations, and visualizations are a critical tool for the critical path to-ward a future that works for 100 percent of humanity.

Ezra Levin
Co-Executive Director of Indivisible

At this moment in our nation’s political history, we could all use a little healing. While we face existential threats on all sides, we must be mindful of how we’re impacted, and of how we might work through that to achieve a better world for ourselves and our community. Awareness That Heals provides a practical road map for individual and collective healing so that we may show up to our communities restored and with intention.

Leeza Gibbons
Emmy-winning TV Host, Best-selling Author, and Health Advocate

If you ever feel alone, discouraged, and doubt your ability to change your own experience—much less the world at large—then this book is for you. What if you can reclaim your own peace, heal yourself and grow your compassion to help the world at large? That (and more) is what Robert Strock offers in his groundbreaking book and meditations, Awareness That Heals. I’ve personally had the benefit of working with this therapist and thought-leader when my own world felt dark. Now everyone can access Robert’s deep caring and open heart through these easy-to-incorporate healings. You may never sit across from him in a therapy session, but when you hear his words read through his own voice, you’ll feel as if you have.

Barbara Streisand
Actress, Singer, Director, Producer, and Philanthropist

Awareness That Heals and The Guided Meditations capture Robert’s heart, which I experienced whenever we met throughout the years, and I’m truly overjoyed that he’s going public. I look forward to seeing the impact that this brilliant work will have in the field of psychology and most importantly, its broader implications for our troubled world.

Mark Gerzon
President, Mediators Foundation, Co-Designer and Facilitator of the US House of Representatives Bipartisan Congressional Retreats, and Author of The Reunited States of America: How We Can Bridge the Partisan Divide

One of the unique gifts of Awareness That Heals is the remarkable range of its relevance. The benefits of reading this book are so deep and enduring because the practices enrich every level of our lives—personal, professional, even political.

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