Tiny Homes for Simple Living

The Little Trailer That Could

Against the humanitarian tragedies playing out with increasing magnitude, there is a surprisingly simple solution that can provide both immediate and long-term relief for the most vulnerable segments of our communities. This idea is not something new but is a remarkable reimagining of something our society very likely has undervalued or viewed negatively as an option of last resort. 

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The Future of Mindfulness

The Future of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is only a starting point. We could analogize it to God or Faith. We can be devoted with a very dear part of ourselves, but the question is how much is this integrated into our life? We can go to church on Sundays, but not practice or express our faith during the week. We can have faith in God, but not treat our fellow man/woman with our hearts and compassion. Mindfulness, as it is most commonly taught, can support us to be present . . .

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